Why Filter Your Shower Water Anyway?

Have you ever thought about what’s in your shower water? It’s not always safe to completely trust the city’s water treatment plants. Your water may contain leftover bacteria or more commonly, overly sanitized water that dries out your skin and hair.

Some of these chemicals added to the water treatment process are beneficial, such as the appropriate amount of a disinfectant, like chlorine, that helps keep your water safe from germs. After chlorine is added to the water at the treatment plant, it's not removed and at the point of it coming out of your shower head, those chemicals are not beneficial to washing your body.

So why should you care that there is chlorine in your shower water? Because your hot shower water vaporizes the chlorine which enters into your lungs. Your body has various systems that are designed to handle possible toxins in a way that your lungs are not, which means that even low-level exposure to these chemicals through inhalation may have a much more significant effect than drinking them in water. On top of this, it enters through the pores of your skin: This can cause you headaches, coughing, and rashes. It can also cause damage to your hair and tends to wash out your color and cause you dandruff. Therefore a filter installed in the shower head acts as a last form of defense for anything leftover whether “good” or bad. It moves the water through the filter and converts the chlorine into harmless chloride. That way you do not lose the benefit of treated water but do not have to suffer the consequences of the treated water.

Many people overlook the benefit of filtering your shower water. But adding it to your daily route is a simple and affordable way to invest in your health.